Quick Earrings for your Outfit with Seed Beaded Segments

Hello all!  I often find myself wanting to leave the house confident my outfit is ‘put together’.  I’m not usually into the the lastest fashion, but sometimes like my shoes, top, bag, jacket, and my jewelry to be color coordinated.

photo of woman wearing yellow floral top
Photo by Godisable Jacob on Pexels.com

I admit –much of the time, I stick with my simple hoop earrings, and don’t give it much thought, but there are times, when I’m loving a color I’m wearing that I want my jewelry–especially my earrings to enhance the look.  That’s when I go to my bead stash, and find a few of these seed beaded segments I have tucked away in an array of colors.  They are quick to make, and are a great use for leftover beads.   I make sure that I make a matching pair in whatever color I’m working with.



When I need to make a quick pair of earrings, they’re ready for assembly.  Instantly I have a pair of colorful eye-catching earrings that give my outfit just what it needs.


It’s easier than running to the accessory store at the mall to purchase fashion jewelry and there’s no limit to the ways you can design these handle little snippets.  Below is how I make them, seed beads wire and crimps.  So easy!




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