Classy and Cute

I’m so enjoying these classy earrings I made for myself in less than 10 minutes.

First find beads you love!  I found these distinctively shaped Bead Landing Glass beads at Michaels and have been waiting for an opportunity to use them.  They’re 1 inch/2.5 cm long and 3/4 inch/ 2 cm wide.


You’ll also need 2 headpins, 2 seed beads- I used size 6 clear crystal, and 2 ear wires.  Tools required are Round nose, needle nose, and cutting pliers.  They are easy to find, I picked some up at Walmart.

Simply Artistic
Crystal Glass Earring Kit

Now it’s time to assemble!

Slide the seed bead onto the headpin, then add the Large crystal glass bead.

simply artistic
crystal glass earrings

Take the round nose pliers and bend the headpin to one side. Reposition the pliers to grab the section that was bent and bend it back the other way creating a loop.  Keep twisting until the tip of the loop crosses the base.  Use the cutters to trim the excess for a simple loop. You can also chose to make a wrapped loop, which is more difficult but provides a more secure link.

How to Make a Wire Wrapped Loop – Beading Tutorial

Repeat these steps for the second earring.  *Sometimes the hardest part is ensuring your loops on each earring are the same size, as this will affect the length of the finished product.


Once satisfied your earrings are the same length, attach the ear wires.  The earrings are complete and ready to wear.

If you want skip the trip to the craft store and purchase this complete kit, see my product listing at\simply-artistik-shop

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