The Accident of Finding What We Love


We are all artistic and creative.  The creativity lies in what we love and– everybody loves something.

I went to school for finance, and have worked in offices and cubicles all my life.  I discovered I was creative while taking my children to Hobby Lobby one year so they could make Christmas gifts  because we didn’t have the money for them to buy gifts.  At that time, the craft store had no place in my world. I didn’t even understand why they existed.  Interestingly the times I’d gone in hunting for items for a specific purpose, I felt like Dorothy in the old Wizard of Oz movie where she went from this black and white world to one filled with spectacular color, where anything was possible.  I’d walk around briefly visualizing all the things I could make. Then I’d find my quest, check out and leave.  Forgetting the experience.


This changed the time I took my kids to the store as I couldn’t just buy one item and walk out.  They were grade schoolers and I had to take my time and walk them through the creative process.

We had to ask questions:

What does grandma like to do… what are your teacher’s favorite colors… what kinds of jewelry do your friends like to wear?

While walking them through these questions, I was asking myself the same things and as we selected the supplies for their gifts, I picked up a few toys for myself–some tear off beading project patterns and some beads.  Then I ‘somehow’ wandered over to the yarn aisle (I had been a crocheter in my teens) and grabbed a hook and some yarn, telling myself I was making the purchases to teach my daughter.

Ten years later, my daughter is a chemistry major in college with no interest in beads or yarn–if it’s not created in a lab it’s not important.  My son also in college is a poet, writer, actor and talker.  I’m all over the place.  Beaded jewelry, polymer clay beads, bead crochet–those are just what I have time for.  Somewhere along the way I discovered I love to write, which has led to another obsession entirely!!  My regret is not asking myself these questions earlier in life, because the journey has been amazing.

Happy Beading

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